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When people think of fragile heirlooms passed through the generations, I suspect a cloth bacon bag doesn’t readily spring to mind.  However recently I was presented with several muslin bags that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Cloth bacon bag

Bacon bag featuring a swan image

Through a winning combination of thrift and hoarding,  these bags have survived generations of multiple house moves.  I wonder how these and other similar pieces of fabric would have been used in the past once the bags had served their original purpose.

Rolled flour cloth bag

Champion flour bag

Perhaps these bags date from the 1930s, the era of the Great Depression where recycling was a way of life in order to keep households running.  Did these experiences ensure people kept these cloth bags for fear of throwing away items that could be reused?

Ox kidneys cloth bag

Ox kidneys anyone?

Did they become backing cloths for curtains, quilts or rugs? Perhaps they were turned into oven mitts, aprons or laundry bags for holding stockings or dusters?  Whatever the answer is, I found myself drawn to collecting these pieces of linen.  Here are some favourite pieces picked up at vintage fabric events.

Cloth bacon bag

'Eatwell' bacon bag

Vegetarians won’t agree that you can ‘eatwell’ with bacon.

Alliance rolled oats bag

US and UK flags on display

A lot of flag waving for rolled oats.

Snowball Flour bag

There's snowball ...

Snow appears to be popular in some brand names.

Snow flake flour bag

... snowflakes.

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