With the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebration of HM Queen Elizabeth II and a long weekend for New Zealanders, thought I’d display a few royal pieces of linen.

1953 Table cloth

Table cloth marking the 1953-54 tour of New Zealand

The first is a particular favourite – although too scared to use it just in case there is spillage.  The table cloth was produced for the Queen’s first tour of New Zealand in 1953-54.  As quoted on NZHistory.net’s excellent online feature at http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/culture/royal-visit-of-1953-54:

“Those who were children at the time recall the BIG Day, marked for months in the calendar, when they dressed in their posh clothes, pinned a royal tour medallion to their chests, collected a butter box to stand on, a Union Jack to wave, and perhaps a periscope to look through, and set out to ‘see’ the Queen”.

There was a frenzy of commemorative products ranging from wooden rulers, drinking glasses and lots of china.  Plates are easy to find but examples of linen marking this significant tour which ran from 23 December 1953 to 31 January 1954 is a little bit more challenging.

The Queen’s earlier Coronation in June 1953 produced a frenzy of items including the following two scarves.

1953 scarf

Scarf produced as part of the 1953 Coronation celebrations

 This larger and more colourful example was found recently at a stall.  

1953 scarf

A number of china plates produced for the Coronation were later sold for the New Zealand tour with new tour stamps added on the back of the plates.  Would have been a different and more difficult situation to re-brand the older linen products.

Also the proud owner of the following delightful milk jug cover which is completed with red and blue beads.

Milk jug cover

1953 milk jug cover

Lace curtain produced for the 1977 Jubilee

This example of Silver Jubilee lace was given to me by a colleague – don’t you love receiving unwanted treasures from others?  Will be interesting to see if any linen commemorative pieces are produced for the Diamond Jubilee.  Have spotted lots of china plates, figurines and even corgis but still looking for a classic tea towel to mark the occassion.